Using resources profitably

OBO Bettermann's head office is located on the southern edge of the Ruhr area, the symbol of an age characterized by coal and steel. The company has been based in Menden for more than 100 years and is what is commonly known as the hidden champion. OBO is now represented at more than 60 locations worldwide and produces cable trays and ducts for a wide range of applications in commercial and industrial installations.

OBO Bettermann and the emergency power genset OBO Bettermann and the emergency power genset Behind the main building is one of the two emergency power generators marketed by Next Kraftwerke in the secondary reserve capacity. If the frequency of the power grids deviates too much from 50 hertz, Next Kraftwerke activates decentralized power generators such as OBO's emergency power generators via the control center of the virtual power plant in order to compensate for the fluctuations. These occur, among other things, when the sun and wind do not feed in to the extent predicted. Up to 500 kW of the Menden aggregate are stored in the control system of Next Kraftwerke's virtual power plant as power that can be activated if necessary. With a total output of 600 kW, the container aggregate of the company Polyma has slightly more power than is stored in the virtual power plant in order to supply power for the adjacent buildings if necessary.

In addition to the permanently installed aggregate, OBO Bettermann also has a further emergency power generator. This mobile unit, which looks like a mixture of camper van and market stall, stands behind one of the large production halls. As a rule, the unit is permanently wired to the Next Box. If necessary, the emergency power generator can also be used at another location on the site. To do this, it simply has to be deregistered from the customer portal of Next Kraftwerke "My power plant" in the corresponding online form. In this way, the control center of the virtual power plant is informed that the plant is not available for the marketing of balancing energy. "To deregister plants is done quickly and conveniently. It is also practical in this context to be informed by SMS when a control energy call-off is taking place - even if it wasn't necessarily needed at three o'clock am, if it were up to me." says Georg Schelp, the responsible technician at OBO Bettermann, cheerfully.

The start of marketing via Next Kraftwerke was uncomplicated. "The connection of the two emergency power generators to the virtual power plant went smoothly. Our service provider for electrical engineering took care of this. So that this task could be completed quickly. Also the coordination with the technical department of Next Kraftwerke to prequalify the aggregates for the control power was a piece of cake".

In addition to the additional revenue that OBO Bettermann receives from the provision of balancing energy and the actual call-off, the provision of balancing energy has an additional useful effect. Schelp explains: "In addition to the balancing energy revenues, the individual processes can also be used without any problems as test runs for our emergency power generators. In doing so, we win twice by marketing via Next Kraftwerke. Once financially through the revenues and again because we save ourselves additional work - that's quite practical."

Facts & Figures

Capacity of the fixed emergency generator:600 kW
Capacity of the mobile emergency generator:250 kW
Partner website:More about OBO Bettermann
Applied product:Balancing energy marketing