Technology & Trading

We digitally aggregate distributed units and trade their power smartly

Energy transition means decentralization. The age of a few huge power plants providing for all of the energy supply is passé. Distributed energy resources are already and will continue to be the trade mark for an energy system based on renewable energy resources. In order to ensure that supply and demand are still met at all times, Virtual Power Plants (VPP) like ours play an important role in the energy system: We digitally aggregate the capacity of distributed energy resources and control them smartly, thereby contributing to stabilizing the grid.
How do we do that? Next Kraftwerke has specialized in short-term dispatch and trading. In order to trade electricity in bulk, we have developed a network technology that allows us to link and control thousands of distributed energy resources – producers as well as consumers. In 2009 when we started business this was not possible. However, with our technology we have found a solution that can do this. This allows Next Kraftwerke to find solutions to some of the key challenges of transforming the global energy system towards renewable energies.