Digital Technology

Thinking in bits and watts

Digital technology, our remote control unit Next Box Digital technology, our remote control unit Next Box Digital technology is already an essential element of the energy world, and its relevance will only continue to grow. Digital technology opens up new avenues for connecting and sharing, in addition to innovative ways to analyze information. The results are improved forecasts and the ability to automate the use of power-producing and power-consuming units, efficiently and profitably harnessing their flexibility on the energy market. This has been our approach since 2009 and will continue to be our guiding principle in the future.

By utilizing the full potential of digitalization, we connect thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units in our Virtual Power Plant. The connection between each individual unit and the Virtual Power Plant is established using our Next Box. The Next Box is a remote access module that was specifically designed for our needs. It transmits signals on the same network used by mobile phones. By using the Next Box, we are able to automatically regulate the power-producing and power-consuming units through the central control system of Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual Power Plant. The individual units remain independently owned and operated.

To successfully manage power supply and demand, and to subsequently trade power with the highest profitability, we created an algorithm. This collects and merges data from a variety of sources: operational data from our Virtual Power Plant, current weather and grid data, and live market data. The accumulated data, combined with our market experience, makes us specialists for day-ahead, intraday and control reserve markets.

Price signals can be communicated to our clients within five minutes. This provides more accurate and more up-to-date information for making decisions on the dispatch of producers and consumers. Our clients’ units can be adjusted every 15 minutes, meaning clients consume or produce electricity when the price is best for them – fully utilizing their flexibility. It is our digital technology and technical expertise combined with market knowledge that gives Next Kraftwerke an edge over conventional power traders.