Our Philosophy

We believe that the energy system of the future can be 100% renewable. Therefore we develop smart and digital solutions by intelligently connecting existing potentials and trading flexibility. Find out more about the three pillars of Next Kraftwerke's philosophy.

Being Sustainable

The Power of Many

Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual Power Plant links different types of renewables and flexible power consumers and producers so that each unit supports the others: Have calm winds slowed the turbines on a wind farm? A biogas plant takes over to pick up the slack. No sunshine? A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit pitches in. This process allows Next Kraftwerke to find solutions to some of the key challenges of transforming the global energy system toward renewable, sustainable energy. True to our slogan: The Power of Many, we bundle the power of many distributed individual renewable power plants, spread risks and help renewable energies to participate in the market.

To us, renewable, sustainable energy is not necessarily synonymous with unpredictability. In fact, as specialists in short term trading, Next Kraftwerke makes the flexibility of renewables a profitable asset and therefore furthers the integration of renewables into the grid. We want wind, sun, biogas and water to be the main energy sources of the future. We want a power supply without coal and nuclear sources. For these reasons, we are proud to show that renewables are competitive and provide sustainable ecological and economic benefits.

Being Digital

Technological solutions for the future of the energy system

Digital technology is already an essential element of the energy world, and its relevance will only continue to grow. Digital technology opens up new avenues for connecting and sharing, in addition to innovative ways to analyze information. The results are improved forecasts and the ability to automate the use of power-producing and power-consuming units, efficiently and profitably harnessing their flexibility on the energy market. This has been our approach since 2009 and will continue to be our guiding principle in the future.

By utilizing the full potential of digitalization, we connect thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units in our Virtual Power Plant. The connection between each individual unit and the Virtual Power Plant is established using our Next Box. The Next Box is a remote access module that was specifically designed for our needs. It transmits signals on the same network used by mobile phones. By using the Next Box, we are able to automatically regulate the power-producing and power-consuming units through the central control system of Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual Power Plant. The individual units remain independently owned and operated.

To successfully manage power supply and demand, and to subsequently trade power with the highest profitability, we created an algorithm. This collects and merges data from a variety of sources: operational data from our Virtual Power Plant, current weather and grid data, and live market data. The accumulated data, combined with our market experience, makes us specialists for day-ahead, intraday and control reserve markets.

Price signals can be communicated to our clients within five minutes. This provides more accurate and more up-to-date information for making decisions on the dispatch of producers and consumers. Our clients’ units can be adjusted every 15 minutes, meaning clients consume or produce electricity when the price is best for them – fully utilizing their flexibility. It is our digital technology and technical expertise combined with market knowledge that gives Next Kraftwerke an edge over conventional power traders.

We believe in a collaborative transformation of the energy system and share our technological knowledge to enable a greener energy economy worldwide. Our VPP as a service solution NEMOCS is already active in seven countries and helps to digitally connect renewable energy producers, consumers and batteries.

Being Flexible

Using the Flexibility of Renewables Intelligently

Flexibility is the biggest asset and the biggest challenge for operating and shaping the electricity market of the future.
As the share of non-adjustable renewables like solar and wind grows, the need for players who can quickly and flexibly balance their fluctuation grows, too.

What is flexibility? A power-generating or power-consuming unit is considered to be most flexible if it is able to produce or consume electricity without any restrictions.

What is a restriction? One example is a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, which cannot shut down its power generation during a time when it is supposed to be heating. Its flexibility is therefore restricted.

However, by applying the full potential of digitalization, it is possible to more precisely forecast when a CHP unit’s heat is needed and when it is not. In doing so, our traders know exactly when the unit’s electricity can be traded on the spot markets. The demand for this kind of flexibility is already a highly-valuable asset on the electricity market, and its value will only increase in the future – a key consideration that went into Next Kraftwerke’s business model.

We capitalize on the fact that the value of power on the electricity market fluctuates: 96 times per day, every 15 minutes. Power generation and electricity consumption in our Virtual Power Plants happens when prices are best for our clients (peak load operation or demand response). Our traders directly trade the aggregated power of the interconnected units on different energy exchange spot markets. In doing so, our Virtual Power Plant also makes a substantial contribution to the stability of the grid by smartly distributing the power generated by the individual units in times of peak load (control reserve).

Find out more about the chances of flexible electricity supply and demand in our best practices.

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