Sustainable Energy

For Our Future

Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual Power Plant links different types of renewables and flexible power consumers and producers so that each unit supports the others: Have calm winds slowed the turbines on a wind farm? A biogas plant takes over to pick up the slack. No sunshine? A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit pitches in. This process allows Next Kraftwerke to find solutions to some of the key challenges of transforming the global energy system toward renewable, sustainable energy.

To us, renewable, sustainable energy is not necessarily synonymous with unpredictability. In fact, as specialists in short term trading, Next Kraftwerke makes the flexibility of renewables a profitable asset and therefore furthers the integration of renewables into the grid. We want wind, sun, biogas and water to be the main energy sources of the future. We want a power supply without coal and nuclear sources. For these reasons, we are proud to show that renewables are competitive and provide sustainable ecological and economic benefits.