Digital Transformation of the Electricity Industry

Published: 31. January 2016

The World Economic Forum in cooperation with Accenture explains our business model in its White Paper on the digital transformation of the electricity industry. In the analysis the World Economic Forum considers the impact of digital transformation on electricity across the value chain, from generation and transmission to distribution and consumption, and among residential and commercial/industrial customers. The paper covers utilities and energy equipment manufacturers, with a primary focus on those operating in countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It points out that no matter which shape the electricity company of the future takes, digital is likely to be a fundamental part of it.


Next Kraftwerke is the operator of a large-scale Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and a certified power trader on various European energy exchanges (such as EPEX and EEX). Our VPP bundles thousands of medium- and small-scale power-producing and power-consuming units. To successfully operate our VPP in a changing electricity market for us it's all about being digital, being flexible and being sustainable.