Next Kraftwerke expands to France

Published: 19. November 2015

Next Kraftwerke in France In reaction to the new French energy transition law Next Kraftwerke opens up its Virtual Power Plan to French units. Centrales Next SAS is the name of the French sub company. Centrales Next offers products in the field of energy trading and aggregation of flexibility. “Having decided to extend renewable energies, the French government set strong incentives to remodel the energy system. We want to further this paradigm shift away from nuclear power to renewables in France, too.“, says Jochen Schwill, founder and CEO of Next Kraftwerke. “We are very optimistic to successfully implement our business model in France – all the more so, since we do not need to burden us with outside capital for this expansion.“

Fotocredit: Pierklaud (Wikimedia Commons), Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0


Next Kraftwerke is the operator of a large-scale Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and a certified power trader on various European energy exchanges (such as EPEX and EEX). Our VPP bundles thousands of medium- and small-scale power-producing and power-consuming units. To successfully operate our VPP in a changing electricity market for us it's all about being digital, being flexible and being sustainable.