Be your own power trader! Nextra is your tool to deal on various European energy markets. Placing orders through Nextra, you keep pricing control and portfolio overview at minimum cost.
By placing an order through Nextra, our traders will buy or sell the exact quantities you ordered. No need for you to heavily invest in trading infrastructure.
Nextra allows you to keep up with ever more fluctuating power prices in the new energy world. Stay ahead of the pack by using live pricing and forecasts.

What's your advantage?

Nextra gives you access to power markets all over Europe without the need to become a licensed trader yourself. Using Nextra, you can manage your deals, forecasts, metered data, and the resulting imbalances to place the orders you need to balance your portfolio.


Upload different types of data sets - consumption & production forecasts, already procured power quantities, metering data - to your account.


Nextra uses the data you provide as well as - optionally - data from our own analysts to forecast and quantify the imbalances in your portfolio as well as the associated imbalance costs.


Using Nextra, you can now place the exact orders you need to balance your portfolio. You have access to different market places in different European regions and can participate in future, day-ahead or intraday trading.

Why should you choose Nextra?

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