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by Next Kraftwerke / 14 September 2021
Wind power trading in Poland

Next Kraftwerke reaches milestone of 1,000 MW contracted generation capacity in Poland

The Polish subsidiary of Next Kraftwerke, based in Warsaw, has contracted more than 1,000 MW of renewables generation capacity for the coming year. The portfolio consists of wind power, photovoltaics, and biogas, with the largest share being wind power generation. 

The generators under management that will be connected to the central control system of the virtual power plant in the coming months, range in size from smaller generators with a capacity of less than 1 MW to the largest Polish wind farm with a capacity of 118 MW. Some of the contracted assets are operated outside of the Polish renewable energies auction system and are supplied with PPA contracts by Next Kraftwerke. Others are auction winners that are offered an offtaking agreement and the management of the subsidy settlement. In both cases, Next Kraftwerke assumes full responsibility for forecasting, trading, the fulfilment of the obligations under the System Operation Guideline (SOGL) and balancing group management for its customers.

Next Kraftwerke sp.z o.o. has started operations in Poland in 2016. Today, the Polish market has emerged as one of the European markets where Next Kraftwerke is most active with its services for renewable electricity trading. Additionally, the market might open up soon for the delivery of control reserve from networked distributed generators, another field where Next Kraftwerke is active with its Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

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