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by Next Kraftwerke / 20 February 2020
Next Kraftwerke involved in project to develop hybrid UPS

Next Kraftwerke involved in project to develop hybrid UPS

Together with AEG Power Solutions and partners from industry and research, we are developing a stationary, intelligent storage system to make local energy management and the integration of renewable energies as economical and grid-friendly as possible. 

The project is called "GIS-MS" and is funded by the regional Ministry of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Fund for Regional Development.

The project will create a hybrid uninterruptible power supply system (hybrid UPS system). This new hybrid UPS system is a combination of conventional UPS systems and stationary battery storage systems. On the one hand, they provide first-class power quality and protect critical loads, and on the other hand, they protect less critical loads through an offline mode. Thanks to the grid-forming converter, local energy sources can also be integrated.

If the public grid is available, the flexible system will also be able to offer grid-supporting primary control power, for example, or reduce peaks loads through peak shaving. In addition, the hybrid UPS system can achieve an increase in self-consumption of renewable energy. The advantage for the customer (in this case a campus) lies in reduced energy bills while at the same time increasing the security of supply for non-critical loads.

The project runs for three years. Besides Next Kraftwerke and AEG Power Solutions as project initiator, expert and manufacturer of UPS, the project involves the Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drive Technology (LEA) of the University of Paderborn, BatterieIngenieure GmbH as experts for battery technology, Hoppecke Batterien GmbH (associated partner) as battery manufacturer, and Avasition GmbH (associated partner) as expert for hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems.

Credit: AEG Power Solutions

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