Next Kraftwerke is Germany's largest solar power trader

Published: 27. August 2019

German energy journal E&M confirms in its 10th survey on power trading: "With an output of more than 3,100 MW, Next Kraftwerke is still by far the largest solar direct marketer in Germany and was able to increase its lead over the number two (...)". According to E&M, we are thus also the only company that was able to significantly expand its own portfolio in the first half of the year. Our CEO Jochen Schwill is pleased about the trust the PV industry has placed in Next Kraftwerke: "We are currently benefiting from our market position as the leading solar power trader in Germany and the ongoing, robust expansion of solar capacities.“

For the 10th E&M survey, the independent information medium for the energy industry surveyed 169 companies active in direct marketing.

Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke operates one of the biggest Virtual Power Plants in Europe. By utilizing the full potential of digitalization, the company networks thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units in the Virtual Power Plant “Next Pool”. Through its technology and trading, clients are able to produce and consume electricity when prices are best for them. By trading their aggregated power 24/7 on different energy spot markets the Virtual Power Plant also makes a substantial contribution to stabilizing the grid by smartly distributing the power generated and consumed by the individual units in times of peak load.