Next Kraftwerke among Growth Champions 2020

Published: 16. October 2019

Next Kraftwerke among Growth Champions 2020 Next Kraftwerke among Growth Champions 2020 Next Kraftwerke is one of the 500 companies in Germany that business magazine FOCUS and statistics portal Statista have chosen as Growth Champions 2020. The Growth Champions 2020 are a list of the top 500 companies in Germany that achieved a high percentage growth in sales between 2015 and 2018. In the "Energy and Utilities" category, Next Kraftwerke ranked seventh with a percentage growth of 31 percent.

Founded ten years ago, Next Kraftwerke has evolved from a visionary business idea to one of the largest virtual power plants in Europe and achieved sales of 619 Million Euros in 2018. Today, the aggregator networks 8,100 plants with an output of 7,100 megawatts and, with 3,100 megawatts, is the largest trader of solar power in Germany. Next Kraftwerke trades the aggregated electricity on various European exchanges and uses it for ancilliary services such as balancing energy.

The criteria for admission to the Growth Champions are a minimum sales of EUR 100,000 in 2015 and EUR 1.8 million in 2018. The companies had to have their headquarters in Germany and organic growth and be an independent company.

Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke operates one of the biggest Virtual Power Plants in Europe. By utilizing the full potential of digitalization, the company networks thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units in the Virtual Power Plant “Next Pool”. Through its technology and trading, clients are able to produce and consume electricity when prices are best for them. By trading their aggregated power 24/7 on different energy spot markets the Virtual Power Plant also makes a substantial contribution to stabilizing the grid by smartly distributing the power generated and consumed by the individual units in times of peak load.