VPP control system solution NEMOCS wins The smarter E Award

Published: 3. July 2020

VPP SaaS solution NEMOCS wins The Smarter E Award VPP SaaS solution NEMOCS wins The Smarter E Award The control system solution "NEMOCS" by Next Kraftwerke has won the Smarter E Award 2020 in the category "Smart Renewable Energy". NEMOCS enables participants in the energy market to build their own virtual power plant. During the virtual award ceremony, Jochen Schwill, founder and CEO of Next Kraftwerke, accepted the prize and pointed out the urgency of abandoning conventional power generation and switching to a sustainable and digitally networked power system: "We are very pleased to have received this prestigious award from the international energy industry for our NEMOCS control system solution and are taking the momentum to further develop our solutions for a digitally networked energy transition".

The central control system NEMOCS networks decentralized power units of different technologies, which enables the realization of numerous application scenarios from forecasting to the provision of control energy for grid frequency stabilization or demand response programs. The experience that Next Kraftwerke has gained as the operator of one of the largest virtual power plants in the world is continuously being incorporated into the further development of NEMOCS.

The jury applauded this concept: It makes renewables more economical, it promotes their expansion, and it proves that renewables can meet the needs – and take on an increasing share – of the future energy market, including shouldering system responsibility.

Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke operates one of the biggest Virtual Power Plants in Europe. By utilizing the full potential of digitalization, the company networks thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units in the Virtual Power Plant “Next Pool”. Through its technology and trading, clients are able to produce and consume electricity when prices are best for them. By trading their aggregated power 24/7 on different energy spot markets the Virtual Power Plant also makes a substantial contribution to stabilizing the grid by smartly distributing the power generated and consumed by the individual units in times of peak load.