The basic criteria for the integration of decentralized units into our Next Pool virtual power plant are straightforward. Their power production should at least be partially adjustable and their peak production shouldn’t be below 250 kW. So, aside from the units presented on the previous pages, Next Kraftwerke also integrates other medium-scale power plants such as…

  • waste-to-energy plants
  • coal mine gas plants
  • landfill gas plants
  • sewage gas plants

The integration of these decentralized plants into our virtual power plant via a telecontrol module enables their participation on the balancing energy markets.

As soon as a remote control unit – our Next Box – has been installed on the plant, the plant’s flexibility is sold on the balancing energy market.
The plant receives a stand-by fee for its readiness to switch off at any time. Power generation is not affected at this stage and need not be adjusted.
In the event of grid overload, power feed-in is reduced or stopped within only a couple of minutes. The operators receive a bonus for their services from Next Kraftwerke.

Aside from our participation in the balancing energy markets, Next Kraftwerke also provides power trading services for the listed plants. Usually, the individual units are too small to sell their regular power production directly on the energy exchange. Being a certified spot market trader, Next Kraftwerke solves this problem by adding the power produced to the sales volume of the other interconnected units of our virtual power plant. A larger portfolio leads to multiple trading advantages on the spot market, as a result all operators’ revenues rise.

Hendrik Sämisch, founder and CEO of Next Kraftwerke: “We believe it is possible to completely meet the demand for electricity using renewable energy by 2050. We think in bits and watts: By embracing the full potential of digitalization, we connect thousands of energy-producing and energy-consuming units in our Virtual Power Plant. Our concept paves the way for a new economic and reliable energy system based on renewable energies, contributing to a democratized energy world."

Jochen Schwill, founder and CEO of Next Kraftwerke: “As specialists in short-term trading, Next Kraftwerke turns the flexibility of renewables into a profitable asset. We created an algorithm to successfully manage supply and demand, allowing us to trade our clients’ energy when it is most profitable for them. With the concept of our Virtual Power Plant we prove that renewables are competitive, not to mention ecologically and economically valuable.”

Next Kraftwerke is the operator and provider of a large-scale Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and a certified power trader on various European energy exchanges. The concept of the Virtual Power Plant Next Pool is based on the idea to network medium- and small-scale power producing and power consuming units. The objective is to smartly distribute supply and demand and to profitably trade the generated and consumed power.

After starting operations in 2009, Next Kraftwerke's VPP today networks around 4,800 medium- and small-scale power-producing and power-consuming units in Central Europe. Among other energy sources, our Next Pool includes bioenergy, wind, and solar power generators. By linking our clients’ units, we have created a sizeable digital platform of flexible power producers and consumers. To put it in a nutshell: We are a power plant operator without any power plants. And to successfully operate our Virtual Power Plant in a changing electricity market for us it's all about being flexible, beeing sustainable and beeing digital.