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Increase the revenue of your asset

Whether you operate a power storage unit, a power producing or consuming asset, optimizing your schedule can yield a significant amount of additional revenues or savings. The reason behind this is simple: The price for power changes 24 times a day at the day-ahead markets and 96 times a day at the intraday market of the EPEX SPOT. The price differences can be enormous and may exceed 50 Euro per MWh. So why should you not use this volatility for your advantage and produce power when the demand for it is high and consume power when the price is low? Next Kraftwerke provides the service for asset owners to adjust their schedules according to price forecasts and trades the optimized schedules on the energy market.

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Options for optimization

Power production and schedule optimization

Optimizing the production of a distributed asset through a VPP can result in a significant revenue growth. Depending on the asset type and the market various different options for optimization are possible.

Overview Connection to the VPP Restrictions & security Peak-load operation Your information at a a glance

  1. Together with you, we analyze the options for marketing your flexibility. 
  2. After the installation of our remote control unit Next Box, your asset is integrated into our VPP. 
  3. In coordination with our trading department, we develop schedules for your asset. 
  4. Our in-house trading department trades your flexibility at the spot market. 
  5. You receive the resulting revenues.
Connection to the VPP

  • Next Box: The remote control unit Next Box is responsible for the connection from the unit to the Next Box. It allows monitoring and steering of the asset. The communication is realized over an encrypted GSM connection via closed user groups. A remote control is needed for marketing the flexibility of a distributed unit. 
  • Control system: Our control system collects the data from all connected units. This information is needed for an intelligent dispatch of all aggregated units that is realized via automated M2M communication.
Restrictions & security

  • All asset specific parameters are considered: The specific requirements of your asset (gas storage, minimum power production, etc.) are taken into account by our experts for establishing your schedule. 
  • Full control: You decide which functions can be controlled by our control system. This includes the maximum number of starts & stops, power limits for steering your asset, and many more. 
  • Highly secure M2M communication: In order to provide maximum security, all data exchange between your asset and the control system are only established via an encrypted mobile-connection. Our redundant server topology guarantees maximum availability and connection to the VPP.
Peak-load operation

Schedule optimization

In consultation with our analysts and traders, our algorithms develop a schedule for your asset that allows you to take advantage of price spreads at the short-term power exchange. This can range from a weekly schedule, a daily optimization or a peak-load operation that is based on the quarter of an hour of the spot market. You decide according to the parameters of your asset, how you want to optimize your operation.
Your information at a a glance

My Power Plant (MEIK): Our online platform "My Power Plant" offers the possibility to our clients to not only change their personal contact data, but also check the status of their asset, their asset's performance and the monthly revenues. Furthermore assets can be momentarily taken out of trading for maintenance or repair. My Power Plant can be accessed via a regular computer or smart phone app (Apple & Android). Users of the app get notified directly via push massages in case of a malfunction.

Schedule Optimization & flexible rates for consumers

The price at the power exchange is changing up to 96 times per day. Usually most power rates only offer flexibility with maybe a peak and off-peak price in terms of pricing. But, we at Next Kraftwerke know that consumers can save a lot more than that. Next Kraftwerke’s power rates range from fixed prices zones to a continuous M2M-optimization.

Overview Best of 96 Take your time

  1. Continuous and automated optimization of power consumption with up to 96 iterations of optimization 
  2. Time zone rates that can be defined by the customer
Best of 96

With Best of 96, the power rate is optimized against the price fluctuations of the intraday market. Each quarter of an hour gets continuously optimized for the best possible power rate. Of course, all within the customer's restrictions. A price cap guarantees that the rate doesn't exceed a defined maximum. "Best of 96" helps customers to save up to 25 % of their previous energy costs.
Take your time

With Take your Time, Next Kraftwerke offers a power rate with three different levels of flexibility. The customer can choose between six fixed times zones with variable pricing, twelve fixed time zones or 24 time zones.


Numbers & facts

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All under one roof

All the people you need for successfully marketing the power of you assets or saving significant costs in power consumption, are working together under one roof in our Next Kraftwerke HQ in Cologne: From engineers, to technicians to power traders, customer relations managers and sales.

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