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As a one of the leading power traders in Europe, Next Kraftwerke provides market access to individual asset owners as well as BRP and portfolio managers. This includes short term trading on the day-ahead and intraday markets as well as long-term and OTC trading on various European power exchanges – including EPEX Spot, EXAA and many more. 

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Market access

Next Kraftwerke provides market access to major power exchanges in Europe and is one of the largest European traders for power from renewable energies. This includes the short-term platforms for day-ahead and intraday at the EPEX SPOT as well as EXAA and various other European power exchanges, balancing-service and futures-platforms as well as OTC trading. With our long experience as international power traders, Next Kraftwerke's 24/7 trading floor offers trading solutions ranging from simple power trading to highly specialized products  for an optimized dispatch of our customer's assets – including residual profile and schedule management.

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Portfolio & BRP Management

Next Kraftwerke is an experienced BRP. With our team of trading specialists, we offer support & services in all areas of balancing and portfolio management. This includes all communication with the responsible market partners such as your DSO and TSO or the according clearing office and the accounting for your customers' assets. 

You decide, if you want to keep the balancing responsibility or if Next Kraftwerke takes care of all your balancing responsibilities. This also includes all risks regarding the portfolio management. 
Our BRP services include schedule management and optimization, power trading for levelling out forecast deviations in production and consumption or the management of your residual profile on the spot or OTC markets. This way imbalance risks are reduced significantly.

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NEXTRA – the platform for trading & portfolio management

NEXTRA is a trading and portfolio management platform for an easy access to power markets for various participants. NEXTRA enables utilities, balancing responsible parties or consumers (commercial & industrial) to manage their assets themselves.  The possibilities range from trading excess or shortfall quantities, balancing a portfolio or directly procuring the energy you need for consumption.  Also, aggregators and large-scale power producers can also manage their assets through NEXTRA. 

An easy to use interface gives you all you need in terms offorecast, trading and analytics. 

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Everything under one roof

We at Next Kraftwerke work 24/7 on 365 days a year to provide you the service to provide you with everything you need to successfully trade your power and manage your portfolio. To offer you the best possible service, Next Kraftwerke has all departments working under one roof at our headquarters in Cologne – from engineers, to power traders, customer relations and sales managers.

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