Teamwork at Next Kraftwerke
Additional revenue in our VPP from flexibility.

Individual schedules for your asset: All asset specific parameters are considered: The specific requirements of your asset (gas storage, minimum power production, etc.) are taken into account by our experts for establishing your schedule.

Full control: You decide which functions can be controlled by our control system. This includes the maximum number of starts & stops, power limits for steering your asset, and many more.

Highly secure M2M communication: In order to provide maximum security, all data exchange between your asset and the control system are only established via an encrypted mobile-connection. Our redundant server topology guarantees maximum availability and connection to the VPP.

Here you can see the exemplary operation of a biogas plant, which follows the price development on the electricity market.

1. Connection

Together with you, we analyze the options for marketing your flexibility and connect your plant via our remote control unit Next Box.

2. Schedule

In coordination with our trading department, we develop individual schedules for your asset.

3. Revenues

Our in-house trading department trades your flexibility at the spot market. You receive the resulting revenues.

Schedule optimization of flexible energy consumers.
Best of 96 flexible electricity tariff Next Kraftwerke

1. Schedule

Depending on the available flexibility potential, we create an optimal schedule for your electricity consumption.

2. Production

You shift appropriate consumption processes from expensive to cheaper time zones.

3. Savings

You reduce the energy cost component of your power rate by up to 30%.

Aggregated Flexibility

2 555MW

Networked Capacity

12 294MW Q4 2022

Volume of traded energy

15.1TWh in 2019

Aggregated Units

15 346Q4/2022

Aggregated consumers