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Power scheduling is a service provided by the VPP Next Kraftwerke.

Power Scheduling
Use Your Flexibility for Higher Revenues

With power scheduling you can generate higher revenues for your flexible assets or reduce energy costs of your company by strategically planning your consumption processes. As a specialist for short-term electricity markets, we operate on the day-ahead and intraday markets and can achieve the best prices for you.

Additional revenue in our VPP from flexibility.

Schedule Optimization for Generators

The price for power changes 24 times a day at the day-ahead markets and 96 times a day at the intraday market of the EPEX SPOT. The price differences can be enormous and may exceed 50 Euro per MWh. So why should you not use this volatility for your advantage and produce power when the price for it is high and let your asset rest when the price is low. Through schedule optimization you can increase the revenues of flexible assets such as biogas, CHP or hydropower plants.

Power Production and Schedule Optimization

Optimizing the production of a distributed asset through a VPP can result in a significant revenue growth. Depending on the asset type and the market various different options for optimization are possible. In consultation with our analysts and traders, our algorithms develop a schedule for your asset that allows you to take advantage of price spreads at the short-term power exchange. This can range from a weekly schedule, a daily optimization or a peak-load operation that is based on the quarter of an hour of the spot market. You decide according to the parameters of your asset, how you want to optimize your operation.

Individual schedules for your asset: All asset specific parameters are considered: The specific requirements of your asset (gas storage, minimum power production, etc.) are taken into account by our experts for establishing your schedule.

Full control: You decide which functions can be controlled by our control system. This includes the maximum number of starts & stops, power limits for steering your asset, and many more.

Highly secure M2M communication: In order to provide maximum security, all data exchange between your asset and the control system are only established via an encrypted mobile-connection. Our redundant server topology guarantees maximum availability and connection to the VPP.

Example of a peak load operation of a biogas plant

Here you can see the exemplary operation of a biogas plant, which follows the price development on the electricity market.

How it Works

1. Connection

Together with you, we analyze the options for marketing your flexibility and connect your plant via our remote control unit Next Box.

2. Schedule

In coordination with our trading department, we develop individual schedules for your asset.

3. Revenues

Our in-house trading department trades your flexibility at the spot market. You receive the resulting revenues.

Schedule optimization of flexible energy consumers.

Schedule Optimization & Flexible Rates for Consumers

The price at the power exchange is changing up to 96 times per day. Usually most power rates only offer flexibility with maybe a peak and off-peak price in terms of pricing. But, we at Next Kraftwerke know that consumers can save a lot more than that. Next Kraftwerke’s power rates range from fixed prices zones to a continuous M2M-optimization.

Reduce Costs through Flexible Power Consumption

Depending on how flexibly your processes can be implemented, you can choose between different power rates. We guarantee you a fixed upper price limit - under no circumstances you will pay more than in a standard rate.

Options of flexible electricity tariffs.

Take your Time

With Take your Time, Next Kraftwerke offers a power rate with three different levels of flexibility. The customer can choose between six fixed times zones with variable pricing, twelve fixed time zones or 24 time zones.

Best of 96 flexible electricity tariff Next Kraftwerke

Best of 96

With Best of 96, the power rate is optimized against the price fluctuations of the intraday market. Each quarter of an hour gets continuously optimized for the best possible power rate. Of course, all within the customer's restrictions. A price cap guarantees that the rate doesn't exceed a defined maximum. "Best of 96" helps customers to save up to 25 % of their previous energy costs.

How it Works

1. Schedule

Depending on the available flexibility potential, we create an optimal schedule for your electricity consumption.

2. Production

You shift appropriate consumption processes from expensive to cheaper time zones.

3. Savings

You reduce the energy cost component of your power rate by up to 30%.

Numbers & Facts

Aggregated Flexibility

2 555


Networked Capacity

12 294

MW Q4 2022

Volume of traded energy


TWh in 2019

Aggregated Units

15 346


Aggregated consumers





We are Next Kraftwerke

As one of the largest Virtual Power Plants in Europe, we network thousands of decentralized electricity generators, consumers and storage units. Through this network, we enable smaller units such as wind, solar, and biogas plants, as well as battery storage and electricity consumers, to participate in lucrative electricity markets. With our own trading floor, we trade on various European power exchanges and provide balancing power for grid stabilization. This way, we help shape the energy landscape of the future - for a power supply from 100% renewable energies.


  • Julian Kretz works in business development at Next Kraftwerke.

    First steps – smooth & easy

    Managing the power consumption of large-scale consumers can be a daunting job – especially when it comes to saving costs. With our flexible power rates, we will not only reduce your energy costs significantly, but our team of analysts, experienced traders and customer support specialists are here to make your switch as smooth and successful as possible.


    Julian Kretz
    Project Manager

  • Julia Schleper works as trader at Next Kraftwerke

    Flexibility is a valuable commodity

    With the increasing feed-in of solar and wind energy, volatility on the spot market has increased. Harnessing the resulting price spreads can result in significantly higher revenues. My team strives for getting the best out of your flexible power production.

    Julia Schleper

  • Susanne Katerbau works in Customer service at Next Kraftwerke.

    Carefree market access

    Communicating with TSOs, DSOs or taking care of invoices can be a very time consuming job. Let us take care of this for you. And if you have any questions – don't hesitate. We are here to help. 

    Susanne Katerbau
    Customer Service Manager