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NEMOCS is our Platform for your Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Managing the shift towards a more distributed energy system based on renewable energy is an enormous challenge for the energy sector. Numerous distributed energy resources (DERs) need to be perfectly coordinated to provide a reliable supply of energy. Consumption processes should also be intelligently scheduled to ensure that electrical supply at any moment meets the energy demand. The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a key technology for solving the tasks of this distributed energy world. The VPP not only allows to aggregate thousands of electricity producers, consumers, and storage units. It also allows to bid their power and flexibility into different markets by intelligently controlling their feed-in and consumption.

As the operator of one of the world’s largest VPPs, as experts in renewable energy supply and as an experienced energy trader, we can offer you a customizable VPP as a service solution for building your own VPP. You’ll gain access to the powerful infrastructure, which has proven its value time and again in our daily business.

Use Cases & Features

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NEMOCS is a modulary designed software as a service solution (SaaS) that enables you to connect, monitor, and control distributed power producers, consumers, and storage systems. Thereby, it offers a wide range of business fields to RES portfolio operators, aggregators, utilities, grid operators and energy traders.

VPP software


Using a standard interface, you can connect different renewable energy assets such as wind, solar, or biomass and controllable loads into the VPP and steer them remotely. We can network the assets via our Next Box if desired.

Analysis of energy portfolio


The control system displays and records real-time information on current capacity, storage levels, and standby status of your assets. You can see the exact amount of available capacity in your VPP.

We trade the aggregated power on different energy exchange spot markets

Data Visualization

The control system of NEMOCS provides several visual interfaces. For example, you can filter by technology type, customer groups, or location.

With the Next Box we use the full potential of digitalization in the energy sector

High-Performance Data Processing

Price signals from the energy markets and control signals from the system operator are processed in seconds and converted to operational commands for the assets. Using API or file exports, the data can later be transferred to your master data, trading, or accounting systems and for power distribution.

Optimized Asset Operation

Based on input and output data of the networked assets in addition to market and weather data, you can execute schedules for peak-load operation, optimize flexible assets and implement demand response solutions.

Individual Control

The central control system remotely manages each asset and ensures the predetermined schedule is executed respecting the individual restrictions of the assets. Schedule changes are possible on short notice.

Communication & Data Flow

The Structure of NEMOCS

The control system is the technological core of the Virtual Power Plant. Here, all information from each asset comes together in real time using M2M-communication. This provides a precise snapshot of your Virtual Power Plant’s available capacity at all times. Market and network data is also processed in the control system and converted to individual operational commands. This allows flexible assets to be, for example, powered up or down as needed. NEMOCS is based on standard interfaces and is therefore scalable and open to all types of technologies. Importing and exporting data to and from other systems is easy with the API.

VPP solution, SaaS

Business Cases

Monetizing DER Capacity

At a Glance

Benefits of our VPP Software as a Service Solution

Requires no investment in a costly IT infrastructure
Integrates diverse products and technologies
Adapts to a growing number of assets and use-cases
Can be set up for as many users as needed
User-friendly interface and analysis tools
Meets the strict criteria of German IT security laws
ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)
Tailored support in planning, implementing, and operating

5 Steps to Run Your Own Vpp With Nemocs

With NEMOCS, we supply everything you need to create and operate a Virtual Power Plant from a single source. We are happy to support you in planning and implementing your custom-made VPP solution to become a virtual utility.

Vpp solution, SaaS

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Facts and Figures

As the operator of one of the largest VPPs in Europe, we network thousands of DER assets in our Next Pool. With NEMOCS you'll gain access to the powerful power distribution infrastructure, which has proven itself time and again in our daily business.

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VPP as a Service

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