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Ancillary services with NEMOCS

Ancillary Services
Keeping the Grid in Perfect Balance

As the operator of one of the world’s largest VPPs, we offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for ancillary services: NEMOCS enables utilities, aggregators and system operators to control a large number of DER assets depending on the current requirements of the power grid.


NEMOCS: A Strong Platform for Ancillary Services

With the rise of weather-dependent energy sources, fluctuations in the power grid are increasing. A central task in the modern energy industry is therefore to guarantee grid stability at all times through controlling the power infeed of distributed energy resources and offtake of controllable loads. Today, not only large power plants can provide ancillary services or balancing services. Aggregated in a Virtual Power Plant, smaller units with a shorter reaction time can play a vital role in levelling out these fluctuations.

Live data

In addition to all the live data of the networked assets, the control system displays external data like grid frequency or market prices and their respective market value.


You can adjust power production and consumption depending on grid requirements. The dispatch signal can be instructed by you or the system operator.


In case of critical grid situations, negative prices, or imbalances of your portfolio, you can also ramp down your renewable electricity production.

Case Study
Ancillary Services for the European Grid

As the operator of our own VPP, we provide balancing services in seven European TSO areas. With our pool of prequalified assets, we participate in the auctions of the TSOs. In case of frequency imbalance, we’ll receive an order from the system operator requesting a certain amount of control reserve. The algorithm of the VPP decides which asset provides how much control reserve, based on individual restrictions of the assets. The respective units then are ramped up or down at short notice. The providers receive additional revenue for this service. In addition, they effectively support the energy transition by protecting the grid against the fluctuations associated with volatile energy sources.

Virtual Power Plant functions explained

Benefits of Our VPP as a Service Solution

NEMOCS establishes a direct connection to the system operator

Requirements of the respective system operator can be implemented

The software runs a specific algorithm for ancillary service purposes

Activation of assets happens automatically via M2M communication

Individual plant restrictions are taken into account

NEMOCS fulfills the requirements of grid operators regarding IT security, reliability etc.

ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)

Tailored support in planning, implementing, and operating

We Are Next Kraftwerke

As the operator of one of the largest VPPs in Europe, we network thousands of assets in our Next Pool. By supplying balancing services, we’re helping to keep the grid stable and are currently operating in seven European control reserve zones. Our software solution is perfectly suited for providing capacity reserve and trading energy flexibility.

Aggregated Units

14 414


Networked Capacity

10 836

MW Q2 2022

Annual Sales


€ million (2020)

Volume of traded energy


TWh in 2019

Ancillary service provided in TSO areas


TSO areas



Next Pool
Aleksandra Radwanska from business development at Next Kraftwerke

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