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Power Scheduling for Higher Revenues and Reduced Costs

VPP Software as a Service

As the operator of one of the world’s largest VPPs, we offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for DER dispatching: NEMOCS enables energy traders, RES portfolio operators and aggregators to control a large number of DER assets and operate them based on optimized schedules.

NEMOCS - Our DER Dispatch & Control Solution

The volatile feed-in of wind and solar energy strongly affects power exchanges. As a consequence of rapidly changing electricity supply, the market prices fluctuate significantly. As an operator of steerable assets, you can take advantage of changing energy prices with a dispatch system. By producing energy when prices are high and letting your systems rest when prices are low, you can boost the revenues of your plants and support a sustainable utilization of the grid. In case you are operating flexible consumption assets, the process goes vice versa: The VPP software can dispatch consumption during low price hours.

Gaining live data

NEMOCS processes real-time data of a large number of assets in addition to market and weather data.

Dispatching schedules

Based on this, NEMOCS schedules peak-load operation, optimizing flexible assets and their respective market value.

Controlling assets

The central control system can dispatch the operation of assets or pools. Asset restrictions are taken into account.

Case Study

Price-Based Control of Networked Assets

EPEX Spot in Paris is the most important European market for short-term power trading and thus also a central trading place for our VPP. In the course of one day, the electricity price changes 24 times on the day-ahead market and even 96 times in intraday trading. The difference between quarter-hours can be more than 50 euros per megawatt hour. To benefit from these price differences, flexible members of our pool produce or consume electricity when it is most economically viable. For this purpose, we continuously optimize the schedules and feed them into the control system. The execution runs fully automatically.

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Benefits of Our VPP as a Service Solution

Easy import of optimized schedules
Precise execution of schedules
Dynamic schedule adjustment for short-term changes
Reliable monitoring of schedule execution
Tailored support in planning, implementing, and operating
User-friendly interface and analysis tools
ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)
Meets the strict criteria of German IT security laws

We Are Next Kraftwerke

As the operator of one of the largest VPPs in Europe, we network thousands of assets in our Next Pool. Using our 24/7 power trading floor, we also trade power on various European power exchanges such as EPEX Spot or EEX. With NEMOCS you'll gain access to the powerful infrastructure, which has proven itself time and again in our daily business.

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