Forecasting & Nowcasting

Live Data for Accurate Forecasts

VPP Software as a Service

As the operator of one of the world’s largest VPPs, we offer a customizable VPP Software as a Service (SaaS) for energy traders, RES portfolio operators and utilities. Our solution allows networking of renewable energies and gaining live data for forecasting and nowcasting.

Live Monitoring, Forecasting & Nowcasting with NEMOCS

The higher the share of renewable energies in the electricity mix, the more important is a reliable forecasting of their production: Parties with grid responsibility such as DSOs and TSOs require precise information on expected feed-in electricity volumes to maintain stable operation of the infrastrucure transporting volatile and fluctuating volumes of electricity. Any deviations from the predicted volumes must be compensated for in the short term, thus resulting in high system costs. Our SaaS NEMOCS enables you to gain live data from aggregated assets in real time and is therefore the perfect tool for forecasting or nowcasting.

Power Trading for independent power generators


Volatile energy sources such as wind energy and pv can be aggregated in the VPP and monitored via the control system.

Analysis of energy portfolio

Gaining live data

The control system displays and records real-time information on current feed-in and asset status in high-frequency.

Refining data

Tools for substitute value creation and data cleansing ensure highest data quality. Data can be further processed in billing or trading systems.

Case Study

Trading on Short-Term Markets

In many countries, deviations between forecasted and actual feed-in can be compensated by trading on short-term energy markets. This is exactly what we do as a certified power trader with our 4,000 MW portfolio of PV in Germany. First, we trade the assets on the day-ahead market based on forecasts. On the day of the actual feed-in, deviations from the day-ahead forecast occur. If this deviation persisted, it would have to be eliminated by balancing energy. In order to minimize the need for costly balancing energy, our traders continuously try to close the gap between day-ahead forecasts and actual feed-in. Live data from our assets is essential for this nowcasting process, as it brings the forecast closer to real generation.

Benefits of our VPP-as-a-Service-Solution

Highest accuracy of live data for reliable forecasting
Integrated tools for replacement value creation and data cleansing
Easy further processing of data in associated sytems (trading, billing, customer portal)
Forecasting services from our trading departement can be added optionally
Tailored support in planning, implementing, and operating
User-friendly interface and analysis tools
ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)
Meets the strict criteria of German IT security laws

We Are Next Kraftwerke

As the operator of one of the largest VPPs in Europe, we network thousands of assets in our Next Pool. Using our 24/7 power trading floor, we also trade power on various European power exchanges such as EPEX Spot or EEX. With NEMOCS you'll gain access to the powerful infrastructure, which has proven itself time and again in our daily business.

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