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The Corona crisis and the electricity market

The COVID-19 pandemic shakes up the world - but the power grid in Europe remains stable. What ensures this stability and how do the electricity markets in Germany and Europe react to the situation? (Published: 31. March 2020 by Christian)
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Lessons learnt from Germany’s mixed price system

Jan de Decker, Paul Kreutzkamp and Elias de Keyser from Next Kraftwerke Belgium explain in this blog what lessons can be learnt from the roughly nine months of the mixed price system on the reserve power market in Germany. (Published: 23. July 2019 by Jan, Elias, Paul)
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The big sellout at the Control Reserve Market

How the mixed-pricing system turns the security of the electricity grid into a speculative mass: On the sixth, 12th and 25th of June 2019, market distortions occurred in Germany; some of which had severe effects on the electricity grid. (Published: 4. July 2019 by Jan, Christian)
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