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Python snake symbolizes the new configuration file library from Next Kraftwerke.
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Python configuration files made easy: get to know our new open source library

Most complex software applications need some form of configuration, often through a configuration file. The more complicated the app, the more difficult become the choices between offering flexibility and improving usability. Configuration is the solution to get the best of both worlds. However, getting it right takes knowledge, experience and discipline and often requires having made all the usual mistakes yourself and learned from them. Now, our team of developers and data-analysts has published their solution to this problem as an open-source python library: PyConfig.

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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry ?Definition

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained relevance in a wide variety of sectors. However, defining the term poses some difficulties. Central to Artificial Intelligence is that it makes and implements decisions based on data (information) independently with regard to the set goals. The term artificial distinguishes AI from the "natural intelligence" attributed to humans and animals. Narrower definitions see AI as a branch of computer science that deals with machine learning and the automation of intelligent behavior. Still, the definition of intelligence remains vague and excludes other areas of research, such as robotics or linguistics.

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Market value factors of electricity coming from solar panels.
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Sunny prospects

Good solar forecasts create significant added value. They optimize sales for photovoltaic assets, which leads to lower balancing and control reserve costs. Complicated algorithms working in the background ensure that the forecasts are as accurate as possible. They process large volumes of data from multiple sources so traders are well-positioned on the market.

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