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The (electric) engine is running – How to use EVs for grid balancing

After two years of development, in August 2020, Next Kraftwerke and Jedlix started offering secondary reserve power (aFRR) to the Dutch grid using a pool of electric vehicles (EVs). Nick Hubbers, Jedlix, and Elias De Keyser, Next Kraftwerke, talk about their ambitions, how they realized this project, and what they learned along the way on using electric vehicles to balance the grid. Fasten your seat belts and keep reading! (Published: 18. November 2020 by Lotte)
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What Is Sector Coupling?

What Is Sector Coupling? Definition Sector coupling has become kind of a buzzword in European energy businesses. Most commonly, it means replacing the traditional separation of the energy sectors of electricity, heating and cooling, transport and industrial consumption processes in favor of a holistic approach. Sector coupling aims at decarbonizing the national economy by converting More… (Published: 9. June 2020 by Christian Sperling)
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