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Flexibility in the Electricity System: What does it Actually Mean?

We need more flexibility in the electricity grid, in the electricity market, in the entire electricity system. One can hear these demands repeatedly in connection with the energy transition. This is because an increase in the share of wind and solar in the electricity mix, which generate electricity in a volatile manner and can only be controlled to a limited extent, poses new challenges for the electricity grid. (Published: 13. January 2021 by Marie)
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What is a contract for difference?

What is a contract for difference? Definition In the energy world, contract for difference is a subsidy model in which both positive and negative deviations from a fixed reference price are paid out to the contractual partner. Contract for difference is also called symmetrical market premium. What is the best way to counter price fluctuations More… (Published: 17. September 2019 by Nils Quak)
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