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rising electricity prices at the power exchange
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Rising Electricity Prices in Germany – a Renewables Booster

For several months, the German power exchange prices have been moving in only one direction: straight up. In an interview with our electricity trader Jan Egidi, we take a closer look at this development and talk about the implications of this trend for the German renewables industry.

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How Does Emissions Trading Work?

How Does Emissions Trading Work?Definition

The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, also known as ETS or EU-ETS, is an instrument for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest possible economic cost. Adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU in 2003, it came into force on January 1, 2005. As of 2019, 31 European countries with around 11,000 emissions-intensive plants from electricity production and CO2-intensive industries participate in European emissions trading.

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Occurence of negative electricity prices in the power system explained.
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Negative electricity prices: Fever symptoms or business as usual?

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, negative power prices have become quite common for electricity traders: In this blog, we explain how negative electricity prices develop and what is positive about them.

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Contract for difference

What is a contract for difference?Definition

In the energy world, contract for difference is a subsidy model in which both positive and negative deviations from a fixed reference price are paid out to the contractual partner. Contract for difference is also called symmetrical market premium.

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Johannes Paeffgen is the leader of the trading department at Next Kraftwerke
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EPEX: data failure, decoupling, disaster?

Due to a faulty data package, the European electricity exchange EPEX in Paris decoupled the European electricity market on June 7, 2019. This caused a great deal of excitement on the markets. Johannes Päffgen, Head of Energy Trading at Next Kraftwerke, explains the causes and consequences in an interview.

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OTC trading

What is OTC trading?Definition

If a buyer and a seller execute a sales contract for a physical item, the seller hands the product over the counter to the buyer. This is the essence of "over the counter" or OTC trading. In power trading, no physical goods are exchanged, but the principle of a direct, over-the-counter trade for electricity is the same. These trades take place outside of power exchanges without intermediaries or clearing houses. In OTC trading, trading partners are in direct contact with each other or make use of a broker. The transactions themselves occur on trading platforms online or through brokerage companies. Agreements on trading volumes and pricing are reached individually and bilaterally among the parties, but contractual standards for simplification and risk mitigation are gaining acceptance. OTC trading is a common practice in the energy market, representing the largest volume of electricity market transactions in many countries. Conventionally-sourced power is more common for OTC trades than renewably-sourced electricity.

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List of power & energy exchanges worldwide

List of power & energy exchanges worldwide

If you have additional information that may be useful to enhance this list or if you find errors in this list, please write us at And please do also write us in case you are looking for an energy trader, we may already be active in the region you are looking for…

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