Energy Market

Who is disrupting the utility frequency?

Published: 15. February 2019 Author: Christian
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On 10 January 2019, the utility frequency of Europe’s power grid dropped to 49.8 hertz. Many factors contributed to the near-blackout that evening, but the incident is not the only one in recent weeks that has shaken the grid.

Renewable Energy Island – Part 1

Published: 27. December 2018 Author: Christian
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Somewhere in the big blue ocean, there lies an island that can serve as a blueprint for the approach to tackle the challenges of climate change with a self-sufficient supply through renewable energies.

The dance of generation and demand

Published: 20. December 2017 Author: Helen
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Flexibility is the defining principle of tomorrow's electricity market: Helen Steiniger analyses the transition from inflexible concepts of the past to the dynamic electricity markets of the future.

First shift, then store

Published: 16. June 2017 Author: Jan
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In our future energy systems we will pretty often see times where, let’s say, a sudden storm front brings heaps of cheap and green and beautiful but, alas, in that particular time unneeded wind power into the system. And we will see times where the opposite happens: a sudden shortage of wind and solar power. What can we do about it?