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Jochen Schwill is one of the founders of Next Kraftwerke.
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Towards a more democratized energy world

This interview with Jochen Schwill (CEO of Next Kraftwerke) was first published in The Beam #5. Jochen Schwill (CEO of Next Kraftwerke) talks about the fundamentals of a Virtual Power Plant and the idea behind it.

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Virtual Power Plants lead Energy Markets of the Future
Energy Blog / Demand Response / Energy Market / Renewable Energy / Virtual Power Plant / VPP

The dance of generation and demand

Flexibility is the defining principle of tomorrow’s electricity market: Helen Steiniger analyses the transition from inflexible concepts of the past to the dynamic electricity markets of the future.

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Batteries in the VPP can shift and store electricity and help stabilizing the grid,
Energy Blog / Battery Storage / Energy Market / Flexibility / VPP / Renewable Energy

First shift, then store

In our future energy systems we will pretty often see times where, let’s say, a sudden storm front brings heaps of cheap and green and beautiful but, alas, in that particular time unneeded wind power into the system. And we will see times where the opposite happens: a sudden shortage of wind and solar power. What can we do about it?

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The electricity grid needs to be in balance all the time.
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How to balance supply and demand on new electricity markets

Electricity markets around the world are experiencing a fundamental change: the rapid rise of renewable power generation. In some places the power generation of renewables is occasionally exceeding the total demand in the electricity grid.

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Biogas power plant as part of the digital virtual power plant.
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Digitalization: Where are the German digital utilities?

In Germany, a lot has been written about two energy megatrends of our time, liberalisation of energy markets and decentralisation of the energy landscape. What we think has been neglected is a third megatrend: digitalisation.

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