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Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)

What is Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)? Definition To ensure the required grid frequency of 50 or 60 Hz (depending on the concerning country) the Transmission System Operators (TSO) of each country need instruments to maintain this reference value. These instruments are the balancing services. Balancing services are reactive short-term means to level out frequency deviations More… (Published: 26. March 2021 by Lotte Lehmbruck)
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Opening the aFRR Market in Belgium – A unique and innovative 2 step auction model

When Next Kraftwerke expanded its operations to Belgium in 2014, one of its goals was to convince the transmission grid operator Elia to open its automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) market for all technologies. aFRR, also known as secondary reserve, has historically been provided by a handful of gas fired power plants operated by two or three companies. (Published: 10. March 2021 by Elias, Paul)
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Balancing Services

What are Balancing Services? Definition Balancing Services are reactive short-term means to level out frequency deviations in the power grid. Balancing Services (sometimes also called control reserve) is one out of many ancillary services that system operators have to provide a secure power supply. Balancing Services include Balancing Energy and Balancing Capacity . Balancing Energy More… (Published: 20. May 2020 by Marie Volkert)
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