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Sunny prospects

Good solar forecasts create significant added value. They optimize sales for photovoltaic assets, which leads to lower balancing and control reserve costs. Complicated algorithms working in the background ensure that the forecasts are as accurate as possible. They process large volumes of data from multiple sources so traders are well-positioned on the market. (Published: 11. June 2019 by Malek)
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Peak shaving

What does Peak shaving mean? Definition In the energy industry, peak shaving refers to leveling out peaks in electricity use by industrial and commercial power consumers. Power consumption peaks are important in terms of grid stability, but they also affect power procurement costs: In many countries, electricity prices for large-scale consumers are set with reference More… (Published: 13. February 2019 by Nils Quak)
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Balancing group

What is a balancing group? Definition On the energy market, the balancing group (also known as the balancing authority) accounts for all power produced and/or consumed by a collection of assets within the group. Accounting for the group’s net production or consumption serves as an instrument for providing a particular operating region the precise amount More… (Published: 12. February 2019 by Nils Quak)
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