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Opening the aFRR Market in Belgium – A unique and innovative 2 step auction model

When Next Kraftwerke expanded its operations to Belgium in 2014, one of its goals was to convince the transmission grid operator Elia to open its automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) market for all technologies. aFRR, also known as secondary reserve, has historically been provided by a handful of gas fired power plants operated by two or three companies. (Published: 10. March 2021 by Elias, Paul)
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The Corona crisis and the electricity market

The COVID-19 pandemic shakes up the world - but the power grid in Europe remains stable. What ensures this stability and how do the electricity markets in Germany and Europe react to the situation? (Published: 31. March 2020 by Christian)
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Ancillary Services

What are ancillary services? Definition Ancillary services ensure a proper operation of the power grid . The grid operators (transmission grid operators and distribution grid operators) are responsible for ancillary services. To ensure a reliable power supply, it is necessary that frequency, voltage, and power load remain within certain limits . This does not happen More… (Published: 27. November 2019 by Nils Quak)
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