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mFRR (manual Frequency Restoration Reserve)

What is mFRR (manual Frequency Restoration Reserve / R3)? Definition mFRR is the manual Frequency Restoration Reserve that helps to stabilize the frequency of the electricity grid. In most countries the TSO (Transmission System Operator) is responsible for its procurement and activation. The mFRR (also R3 or tertiary reserve) helps to restore the required grid More… (Published: 14. April 2021 by Marie Volkert)
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Balancing Services

What are Balancing Services? Definition Balancing Services are reactive short-term means to level out frequency deviations in the power grid. Balancing Services (sometimes also called control reserve) is one out of many ancillary services that system operators have to provide a secure power supply. Balancing Services include Balancing Energy and Balancing Capacity . Balancing Energy More… (Published: 20. May 2020 by Marie Volkert)
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The big sellout at the Control Reserve Market

How the mixed-pricing system turns the security of the electricity grid into a speculative mass: On the sixth, 12th and 25th of June 2019, market distortions occurred in Germany; some of which had severe effects on the electricity grid. (Published: 4. July 2019 by Jan, Christian)
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