Power Grid

Who is disrupting the utility frequency?

Published: 15. February 2019 Author: Christian
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On 10 January 2019, the utility frequency of Europe’s power grid dropped to 49.8 hertz. Many factors contributed to the near-blackout that evening, but the incident is not the only one in recent weeks that has shaken the grid.

Renewable Energy Island – Part 2

Published: 27. December 2018 Author: Christian
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In the second part of our series, we will talk about different concepts for Virtual Power Plants on islands and island groups for providing a sustainable and secure power supply.

Decentralized energy, seen through the eyes of a power trader

Published: 21. June 2017 Author: Jan
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A successful energy transition is dependent on integrating decentralized energy systems. To clarify important questions regarding decentralization – including the upsides and challenges for energy systems – we spoke with Next Kraftwerke’s in-house power trader, Amani Joas.