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All about Transformation

Jochen Schwill looks back at his time at Next Kraftwerke.
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On to something new, or: How to create innovation?

At my farewell party in beautiful Cologne-Ehrenfeld, which will otherwise remain shrouded in mystery, a colleague asked me what I was going to do now. "Something new, I guess" was my answer, without shrugging my shoulders, without fatalism. "Yes, but what?" she followed up. "No idea," I returned. The new is always unknown, I think to myself, and you just have to open up to it and it will come.

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Side effects of energy system changes
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For information on risks and side effects, ask your network operator or the Minister of Economic Affairs…

Everyone is talking about the transformation of the energy system. But what exactly does this transformation involve?

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What is the Carbon Bubble?

What is the Carbon Bubble?Definition

The carbon bubble, also called CO2 bubble, is a theory that has its origin in climate and economic research. The term describes a possible overrating of companies that could only maintain their growth forecasts for the next few years by consuming fossil fuels on a scale that would violate the two-degree limit of the Copenhagen Treaty.

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What is a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) ?Definition

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) often refers to a long-term electricity supply agreement between two parties, usually between a power producer and a customer (an electricity consumer or trader). The PPA defines the conditions of the agreement, such as the amount of electricity to be supplied, negotiated prices, accounting, and penalties for non-compliance. Since it is a bilateral agreement, a PPA can take many forms and is usually tailored to the specific application. Electricity can be supplied physically or on a balancing sheet. PPAs can be used to reduce market price risks, which is why they are frequently implemented by large electricity consumers to help reduce investment costs associated with planning or operating renewable energy plants.

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