Next Kraftwerke completes Energie 365 acquisition

Published: 6. July 2017

Aiming to strengthen its position on the European energy markets, German Virtual Power Plant and energy trader Next Kraftwerke has bought the remaining shares of the Dutch energy startup Energie365. Next Kraftwerke made its initial acquisition of Energie365 shares at the beginning of 2016. On July 1st 2017, Hendrik Koetsier and Bas Hijman, founders of Energie365, sold their remaining shares of Energie365 to Next Kraftwerke. In the coming months, both founders will continue to be involved in Energie365 to facilitate a smooth transfer. The two entrepreneurs will remain active in the energy sector after their departure.

Next Kraftwerke's dispatchers and traders are now also actively involved in the Dutch energy market Next Kraftwerke's dispatchers and traders are now also actively involved in the Dutch energy market Energie365 was founded four years ago to valorize the flexibility in generation of medium-sized companies. At the time, participation in the Dutch flexibility markets with decentralized production was still a challenge. Today, Energie365 has aggregated a large pool of companies and successfully entered the reserve power market. The company provides 40 megawatts of ancillary services to the Dutch TSO TenneT through the control system of Next Kraftwerke. The pool includes distributed energy producers from all over the Netherlands.

"We see significant opportunities in the Dutch market and are convinced that the acquisition of Energie365 will allow us to grow even faster. The services and account management of Energie365 will of course remain in the Benelux region," says Hendrik Sämisch, founder and CEO of Next Kraftwerke.

"By successfully entering the Dutch flexibility market with distributed generation assets, we have achieved what we set out to do when we founded Energie365 in 2013. The last few months have proved that Next Kraftwerke’s technology and trading are ready to fully service our customers in the Netherlands. Now it is time for us to move on and bring fresh ideas to the Dutch energy market once again. We are currently meeting interesting startups with great ideas who want to step up their growth rate," says Hendrik Koetsier, founder of Energie365.


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