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Workshops and consulting of renewable energy businesses

Renewable Energy Consulting
Driving the Energy Transition by Sharing Our Experience

As the operator of one of the world’s largest VPPs and a leading power trader in Europe, we support energy traders, RES portfolio operators and utilities in developing and implementing profitable business models in the new decentralized energy world.

Consulting, Training & Workshops for the Energy Industry

How can energy systems cope a rapidly increasing share of distributed energy ressources (DER)? For 10 years now, we have been successfully developing answers to this question by integrating renewables into different energy systems and electricity markets. With our renewable energy consulting and training services, we would like to pass on this know-how. No matter if you are interested in general consulting, a workshop or consultancy on a specific business case - our team is looking forward to supporting you.

Developing Digital Business Models

How can you implement or develop new business ideas for the distributed energy world?

Managing DER

How can DER be aggregated, monitored and controlled via a Virtual Power Plant?

Increasing Grid Stability

What helps to keep the grid balanced even with an increasing share of windpower and solar in the energy mix?

Identifying Flexibility Potentials

How can power consumers and producers become more flexible for meeting the demands of the new energy world?

Numbers & Facts
Of our Company Next Kraftwerke

As the operator of one of the largest VPPs in Europe, we network thousands of assets in our Next Pool. Using our 24/7 power trading floor, we also trade power on various European power exchanges such as EPEX Spot or EEX. With our VPP-as-a-Sevice NEMOCS we also enable third parties to build their own Virtual Power Plant based on our proven technology.

Aggregated Units

14 414


Networked Capacity

10 836

MW Q2 2022

Annual Sales


€ million (2020)

Volume of traded energy


TWh in 2019

Ancillary service provided in TSO areas


TSO areas



Next Pool
Christian Woelcke Next Kraftwerke

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