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Deep dive aFRR

Thu., August 13 2020, 3 p.m. (UTC+2)

Balancing Services are reactive short-term means to level out frequency deviations in the power grid. Balancing Services (sometimes also called control reserve) is one out of many ancillary services that system operators have to provide a secure power supply.

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In this webinar, we will focus on one of them - aFRR, automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve. We will discuss technological requirements connected with delivering this product as well as regulation in the European Union, especially in the context of PICASSO project (Platform for the International Coordination of Automated Frequency Restoration and Stable System Operation).

Additionally, we will shortly describe the differences between aFRR and other two balancing service products primary (FCR) and tertiary (mFRR) control power. Furthermore, we will show examples of successful integration of distributed renewables delivering ancillary services using technology of a Virtual Power Plant. Taking example of Germany, we will present a theoretical revenue calculation that will illustrate the potential of the aFRR product in central-western Europe.

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Sarah Papp works as a trader at Next Kraftwerke

Ancillary services

The power grid needs you. Flexibility from decentralized assets have become a staple for providing grid frequency control in a lot of European TSO areas. Why should you not profit from this change in the energy landscape?


Sarah Papp
Trader at Next Kraftwerke