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Market value factors of electricity coming from solar panels.
This is how forecasting of photovoltaic feed-in works.
The recipe for a photovoltaic forecast: The forecast incorporates data from several sources, which is quickly processed by the algorithm to tell traders the volume of power available to trade.
Calculation and data used for forecasting PV energy explained.
Calculating a photovoltaic forecast: Sample calculations of a photovoltaic forecast: Real-time data catches up to the forecast. Up until about 10 o’clock, the forecasted and measured production are essentially aligned. After that, deviations begin to emerge. The measured feed-in data up to 1:15 p.m. can be seen here, along with the difference to the forecast at that point. At 2 p.m., the forecasting curve drops. This is the algorithm reacting to the measured feed-in volumes, which are lower than had been predicted.
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